About Chris Andrade

Chris Andrade - CIRIUS Fitness | Dallas, Texas

Congratulations on your interest in improving your health, wellness, and fitness! My name is Chris Andrade, and I own CIRIUS Fitness. I firmly believe that physical fitness leads to mental fitness … the combination will help you enjoy your life to the fullest!

I am realizing my dream in this career, and I want to help you realize yours. I have a passion for sharing my continued education and helping others to achieve their goals. I look forward to driving you toward continued results!

My outlook on training each individual client is to give them what they want packaged with what they need. Outside observers have commented that I am always doing different things with different clients. Goal-oriented training and regular assessment is very important to me. I base all of my programs off of the Optimum Performance Training Model created by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This flexible structure has allowed me to successfully train a wide variety of clients, ranging from a 77-year old man to a teenage, female athlete.

My Background

  • Former Fitness Manager and Master Trainer — 24 Hour Fitness
  • Completed Detroit Free Press International Marathon — 4:08:01
  • Competed in Natural Bodybuilding — Muscle Mania Novice
  • Competed in high school varsity football, basketball, and baseball (Captain and All-Area Defensive End in football)
  • Voted most-athletic and most-spirited of high school senior class

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Professional Certifications

Certified Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED by the American Heart Association
Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Cooper Institute, and National Council on Strength & Fitness
Certified Weight Loss Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Women's Fitness Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • “Chris Andrade, you are an amazing trainer. Your wisdom and encouragement have me in a place of fitness I never imagined was possible a year ago. Thanks so much for reminding me that this is a journey and fitness is a forever process!! - :-) feeling blessed.”Tonya McDonald

  • “Thank you again for working with me to achieve my goals. I feel like we are partners in this "venture" and I continue to be impressed by your depth of knowledge and instructional skills as well as your high level of professionalism.”— Tom

  • “Just wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement. It makes such a difference working alongside someone who is patient, who understands the challenges of my struggles, and who doesn't judge me because of them."”— Claudia Sanchez

  • “I think the best thing that can be said of Chris is his dedication to you as a person and not a paycheck. Chris will never let you down if you bring everything you've got and leave it on the floor. He truly enjoys watching people succeed and he's constantly there holding you accountable and pushing you to accomplish what he knows is inevitable. [… more]”

    — Jeremy Garrett
  • “Chris is very good at giving true motivation without it being the macho, fake kind. He made me realize I had to balance what I ate with also doing the hard work outs as he designed with my needs in mind.”— Chris Seider

  • “I've been working out with Chris for almost a year now. My previous trainer, who decided to go back to school, recommended him. I was not thrilled to start over with someone new, but Chris has not disappointed me [… more] ”— Anna Macduff

  • “Chris is exceptional. He was highly recommended by a friend. Chris takes care of your mind, body and spirt. Mind: he transforms your thinking to believe in yourself. Body: he takes his time to help you achieve your goals by developing a plan based on your history and your health. [… more]”— Laura J. Minafee

  • “Chris helped me obtain my ideal weight to fit into my wedding dress through sweat, laughter and almost tears. Truly, he gave me his determination, motivation and dedication that to this day I still utilize his knowledge in nutrition and staying fit! I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life forever!”Sandra L. Dominguez

  • “When I contacted Chris I had been exercising regularly on my own, without results. Recent joint pain had slowed me down and left me feeling very frustrated. He customized a training program coupled with healthy food advice that helped me get results. He's very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him.”Liz Owens